Programs for amplifying sound on a computer, laptop


Backfill question: why is a computer without sound? 👀

So I don’t know: neither play nor watch a movie, what can we say about music ... In addition to the absence of sound, there is often another side of the problem - there is sound, but it is hard to hear, it is weak.

There are several dozen programs to solve this problem, but not all of them give real result. Those that helped me - I wanted to dwell in this article ...

Note: This article was written based on the experience of the author. Relevant for popular Windows OS (7, 8, 10).

👉 Note!

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Universal amplifiers

By universal amplifiers, I mean such programs that I installed, configured once - and they work in the system, increase the sound in any other application. Those. programs that amplify sound online and do not need to edit every music file or movie to change the volume ...

Sound booster

Official website: //

One of the most convenient and simple programs that will amplify the sound easily and quickly. Moreover, for a long time to climb in the settings and dig, looking for the right checkbox - you don't have to, all you need is to check the autostart checkbox (so that the program is loaded with Windows) and move the volume slider up.

By the way, Sound Booster is able to increase the volume by 5 times (by 500%)! The program amplifies sound in almost all applications in Windows: web browsers, Skype, MSN, Live, ICQ, video and audio players, etc. A very important difference from other software of this kind is that Sound Booster does not distort the sound when the volume is increased (the developers managed to achieve this with the help of unique filters).

Tuning one of the best sound boosters - Sound Boostera

The program supports the Russian language, there is a hotkey setting: you can set which keys to press to turn on the volume boost and which to press to turn it off. In general, it is very convenient!

Cons of the program: paid. By the way, the second minus is connected with this: the trial period is very small - two weeks ...


Official site: //

You can download 👉 from Softonic

A program like Hear (with so many settings to change and improve the sound) - still look! The number of filters, available switches, options and settings is simply amazing, there are so many of them that you can easily spend the whole evening with them, listening and changing the sound quality of the speakers / headphones.

Main modules:

  • 3D Sound is a module for making 3D sound surround sound (by the way, this is quite popular lately). The main purpose of this option is to watch movies. When you watch a movie with this option enabled, it will seem to you that the sound surrounds you, comes from the back, and from the right, and from the left ... In general, it is worth trying;
  • Equalizer - there is a similar module in almost every media player. Thanks to it, you will gain control over all sound frequencies: you can raise the bass, for example ...;
  • Speaker Correction - a module for controlling the resonance of the speakers, thanks to this, you can slightly increase the volume of the reproduced sound;
  • Virtual subwoofer - if you don't have a subwoofer, the program can try to replace it !;
  • Atmosphere - this option allows you to make you think that you are, for example, in a large hall or in the forest. Those. the program gives the sound the desired sound effect.
  • Fidelity control is a module oriented for listening to music. Allows you to somewhat restore the frequency and intensity of the sound, which is lost during the recording of the track.

Hear - the main window of the program.

Cons: the program is paid (but not expensive 😎).

SRS Audio SandBox

Developer: //

Very, very interesting program for sound processing.What is more important - it is not designed for professionals who can select and adjust the necessary frequencies from hundreds of frequencies, but for the most ordinary "average" user.

The program has several modules:

  • 3D balance;
  • 3D space;
  • volume;
  • optimization;
  • speaker frequency;
  • clarity of sound (see screenshot below).

SRS Audio SandBox: main program window.

By adjusting each of these functions in turn, you can achieve crisp, high-quality sound. By the way, please note that the program has several modes of operation: game (recommended in games); musical (when listening to audio tracks), and movie-mode (turns on when playing a movie in any player).

In addition, for a more accurate sound adjustment, be sure to select the type of your audio device: regular speakers (speakers), laptop speakers, or headphones. In general, the program is quite interesting, I recommend it!


Amplifiers for audio files: MP3, Wav, etc. (audio editors)

These programs will be useful to you if you are faced with music tracks, when playing, the sound becomes very weak (sometimes, it is barely audible).

In this case, there is no point in increasing the sound in all applications (using the software from the first part of this article)! It is much easier to use special audio editors that can amplify the sound of a particular music track (or an entire album) and correct this misunderstanding ...

Audio Amplifier

Developer: //

Audio Amplifier - main window

An excellent utility in which you can quickly and easily increase the volume of an audio or video file. By the way, interestingly, the program can not only increase the volume, but also lower it (in cases when the desired file sounds very loud)! The maximum sound amplification level is 1000% (i.e. the sound can be amplified 10 times)!

The interface of the program is made in the style of minimalism (which is popular today). To change the sound level in a file: just press the "Load file" button, then move the slider to the desired side (for example, increase the volume by 100%) and save the result. It's that simple!

The only drawback: you cannot listen in advance how the volume of the edited file will change. It is also worth noting that by increasing the volume of the "main" sound, the noise also rises at the same time. Therefore, I personally do not recommend immediately turning the volume slider to the maximum, the volume level can increase significantly, even if you increase it by only 100% ...


Official site: //

Download from Source Forge

Audacity / Logo

Simple, lightweight, feature-rich audio editor.

Using the program, you can:

  • - cut audio files;
  • - move individual pieces of the "cut" track;
  • - apply various filters to improve sound quality;
  • - apply effects of attenuation of volume;
  • - there are filters to remove noise;
  • - equalizer for tuning frequencies;
  • - normalization of audio tracks, etc.

There is support for hot keys. Dozens of plugins have been written for the program. Supported work with sound in: 16-, 24- and 32-bit.

Audacity - working with the program

By the way, when you turn up the volume in Audio Amplifier (for example) - then you can remove the noise that appears, just in Audacity. Those. this program complements the first one, which I gave just above.


Official site: // (you can download it from the Soft-portal)

Compact editor for audio files (MP3). Its main direction: cut and copy parts of MP3 tracks without compression into PCM format.

Within the framework of this article, this editor is interesting in that it allows you to remove silence from files and normalize sound. The program works in all versions of Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10), full support for the Russian language is implemented.

A screenshot of the main window is shown below.

Mp3DirecCut - main program window


Programs that improve sound quality

These programs "overlap" in their capabilities with the "universal amplifiers", which I brought out in the first part of this article. Their main direction is to make the sound of higher quality, to give it the desired "atmosphere", to change its frequency.

As a rule, these settings are poorly represented in the drivers that go to the sound card (about the sound settings in Windows - I'd rather keep silent ...).

DFX Audio Enhancer

Official website: //

FX sound / Logo

One of the best programs for improving sound quality in Windows! It is a kind of plug-in that integrates into all popular applications, such as WinAmp, Aimp, Windows Media Player, Skype, etc.

The program has just a mountain of options, I will give the most basic modules:

  • Harmonic Fidelity Restoration - the program will compensate for high frequencies, which are almost always cut off during file encoding;
  • Ambience Processing - a kind of ambience effect that makes the sound "deeper";
  • 3D Surround Processing - the option is similar to the previous one, but it works "somewhat" in a different way, the effect is based on the three-dimensional sound (a fashionable word nowadays :), to understand the difference, you need to test it once!);
  • Dynamic Gain Boosting - amplification of the intensity of the audio track. In general, an interesting option, it gives some degree of dynamism;
  • HyperBass Boost - low frequency compensation, deep bass replenishment;
  • Headphones Output Optimization is a super option for those who listen to sound through headphones. The sound will be optimized to create the most comfortable and realistic sound in your headphone ...

DFX Audio Enhancer - Fashionable Design

Razer Surround

Official website: //

(for a complete immersion in an amazing sound atmosphere, the developer recommends using his special headphones)

This program is aimed at working with stereo headphones (if you do not use headphones, then you will not be interested in it).

The developers at Razer Surround have created "revolutionary" sound processing algorithms that can create a surround sound effect in virtually any stereo headphone. The volumetric space will be created through a series of calibrations and various listening tests, fine tuning.

Some modules and features:

  • Voice level - the volume level of your opponent / interlocutor;
  • Voice clarity - sound adjustment aimed at cleaning from a variety of distortions and interference;
  • Sound normalization - decrease in volume spread (thin option);
  • Bass boost - increase / decrease bass;
  • There is a base of ready-made settings (11 created profiles);
  • Supports most stereo headphone, stereo headset;
  • Support for Windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bits).

Razer Surround Settings Window


VLC player - boost volume up to 125%

Some audio and video file players may automatically increase the volume of the file being played, more than 100%! Those. if the standard Windows Media Player (which is in "any" Windows) - allows you to increase the volume only up to 100%, then for example the VLC player up to 125% - i.e. an order of magnitude louder without any plugins and add-ons!


Official website: //

I recommend installing this player to absolutely everyone. And it's not just that it is able to increase the volume of any file being played.

The main advantage of this player is its ability to reproduce high-quality network broadcasts. Moreover, add to this that the player is free, can play all other popular formats (AVI, MP4, Divx, MKV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3, etc.) , besides it supports DVD, Audio CD, VCD, etc.

Watching a movie at high volume

This concludes the article. By the way, if you know players that can slightly increase the volume of the played media files, write a couple of lines in the reviews.


Additions in the comments are welcome!

That's all, good luck!


First published: 23.10.2016

Correction: 01/05/2020

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