No badge from Realtek HD Manager! How to enter the Realtek control panel, otherwise I can not configure the sound in any way

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Realtek HD is probably one of the most popular audio drivers for fine tuning Windows sound level and quality. To open its parameters, you need to launch the Realtek manager, the link to which should be either in the tray (next to the clock) or in the control panel * of Windows OS.

* By the way, a link to the audio driver control manager (in the control panel or in the tray) should be for any sound driver, if, of course, you have its full version installed!

But, recently (due to the fact that Windows 10 "installs" the drivers on its own) - links to the Realtek Sound Control Manager not! By the way, faulty software versions may also be "to blame" ...

Actually, below I will analyze sequentially what and how to do so that the cherished link (shortcut, icon) appears ...

To help!

The volume icon does not respond or disappeared altogether ... What to do - //


What to do if there is no Realtek HD icon


"Manual" check

And so, if there is no Realtek manager in the control panel and in the tray (and you remember that you installed it) - try to go to the "C: \" drive, and in the folder "Program Files" find catalog "Realtek" ... If there is such a directory: most likely it should contain the file "RtkNGUI64.exe" - try to start it by clicking on it with LMB (note: this is the dispatcher).

We try to manually start the dispatcher

If the dispatcher starts and you can start setting up the sound, just create a shortcut for this program (by right-clicking on it) so as not to search for it every time.

Removing the "old" version of the driver

Further, no matter what version of the driver you have, I recommend completely uninstalling it. This can be done from the Windows Control Panel. See screenshot below.

Note: by the way, the latest Realtek driver 2.82 is crashing. On my PC, when installing it, the icon does not appear on the sound control manager!

Removing the old driver

If the driver asks you to restart your PC - agree!

Ready to

Downloading a new version of the driver

If you have a PC

After testing several versions of the driver from Realtek, it turned out that only one of them was "faulty", the last 2.82 (and even then, only on some machines!). After checking several older versions of audio drivers, it was possible to determine that 2.81 is a completely correct-working release. Links to them are given below.

  • Realtek HD 2.82 (link to official website). First, you can try it, if it doesn't work, uninstall the driver (see step 1, 2 above), and install 2.81 version.
  • ⭐Realtek HD 2.81 ✔ (link to Correctly working version of the audio driver. Recommend!

If you have a laptop

In this case, I recommend that you determine its exact model, and then find audio drivers for it on the manufacturer's official website. I would recommend downloading several versions at once (especially the package that weighs * more than the others).

  • * In my case, there are several of them: interestingly, if you just install the latest version from May 22, then the link to the sound control manager will not appear!
  • If you install the very first release first (it weighs more than the others), and then pre-update it with the latest version, then everything will work correctly!

Audio Driver for HP Notebook

Installing a new version of the audio driver

The installation of the audio driver itself is not difficult - just run the executable file and wait for the wizard to complete. After, restart your PC / laptop.

Installing another version of Realtek HD 2.81

After rebooting, I recommend immediately opening the control panel, switch the display mode to "Large icons" and see if the link to the Realtek dispatcher appeared (in my case, after installing version 2.81 - it worked!).

Note: if the icon does not appear in the control panel, then open the driver settings by running the file RtkNGUI64.exe / RAVCpl64.exe from folder C: \ Program Files \ Realtek \ Audio \ HDA (as we did in STEP 1).

Realtek HD Manager has arrived!

Actually, then you can start to fine-tune the sound (the problem is solved ?!).

Spot Sound Tuning - Realtek HD


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