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I can't get the uTorrent files to download. Do not tell me, maybe there are other programs similar to it that allow you to download torrents?

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In fact, if earlier uTorrent was out of competition, now it has noticeable disadvantages: the developers added ads to it (and not so long ago, an add-on was distributed along with the program - EpicScale: a utility that mines bitcoins. The developers, after complaints, removed it , but the sediment remained 👀).

In this article, I will give several analogs of uTorrent, which can be used to fully replace it. I do not pretend to be the ultimate truth, but in my opinion, these are the best Windows products available today ✌.


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By the way, you may find it useful to have an article that provides the main reasons for slow torrent downloads (also a very popular problem).


6 best uTorrent replacements // Analogs


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BitTorrent - main program window

Practically no different (at first glance) from everyone's familiar uTorrent - the same interface (unless the "coloring" is different), functions and capabilities. The difference in the work of some algorithms and the absence of advertising (it appeared in new versions of the program, but it can be disabled in the settings).

It is worth noting that according to the assurances of the developers (and many users), when a large number of torrents are accumulated, the program slows down and loads your hard drive much less than other analogues.

I will also add that BitTorrent supports Russian language, works in all versions of Windows 7/8/10, and is supported by almost all torrent trackers. By the way, if you register on the program's website, you will be able to control it remotely ...


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MediaGet - main program window - torrent search

It's not just a torrent client - it's 2 in 1! Imagine having downloaded and installed MediaGet, you can search for torrent files without leaving it!

Moreover, the search results will present different options for torrents: depending on the file size, its quality (if it is a video), access speed - you can choose the one you need (see the screen above).

As for the usual torrent links (which you opened in uTorrent before), MediaGet also opens and downloads them without any problems. So you can be calm for this too 👌 ...

It should be noted that the program has a fairly large catalog of popular files: games, music, films. And in general, the program is developing by leaps and bounds: quite often something new appears ...

All in all, a real home media center!

Note: download the program only from the official site, when installing, make sure that there are no "extra" checkmarks ...


Official website: //

Transmission - Windows version finally released

This program was originally developed for Mac and Ubuntu, and by the way, it was one of the most popular and convenient on these systems. The developers went further and released a program for Windows!

Despite the fact that this utility is very simple and executed in a minimalist style, it has all the necessary functions for downloading and distributing torrents (in no way inferior to uTorrent!). Supports magnet links, DHT, µTP, UPnP, folder browsing, setting download / upload speed limits, peer control and much more!

Also note that there is no advertising in the program! In general, it is recommended to familiarize everyone who is dissatisfied with uTorrent ☺.


Official website: //

qBittorrent - main program window

Another very interesting and convenient torrent client. The program is free, there is a search option, you don't even need to open a browser! By the way, the program interface is specially made similar to µTorrent (therefore, you don't have to get used to it!).

qBittorrent has a lot of useful functions: as I said, it has its own search engine (searches among the 23 most popular torrent trackers), all files are divided into categories (music, books, software), supports Magnet links, encryption when connected, advanced control torrenting, IP filter, and much more!

Works in all popular OS Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, OS / 2. Russian language is supported in full. In general, I also give a recommendation for review!

👉 By the way!

If your HDD is 100% overloaded when downloading files, then by enabling sequential downloading of files in qBittorrent, you can significantly reduce the load.


Official website: //

Vuze is the main program window. Viewing a video file

Vuze is a torrent client, quite powerful, functional: there are many different features that are not in the usual uTorrent.

For example, it can be used to search (and even subscribe) torrents, open and play them directly in the utility, and also send them automatically to other connected devices (for example, to devices running Android, iOS, etc. set-top boxes).

There are many add-ons that allow you to change the design and interface of the program. A very useful function of quickly resuming torrent downloads (without rehashing it, as uTorrent does), there are possibilities for upload / download restrictions, support for traffic encryption and much more.

In general, speaking objectively, Vuze is no longer just a torrent client, but a real media combine, like MediaGet ☺ ...


Official website: //

Zona is a real copper harvester!

Another media harvester ... However, it should be noted that Zona is a solid torrent client, fast enough (because the program will still try to find and download a file among its millions of clients, in addition to your torrent tracker, where you added link). There is a function for viewing online torrents (including those that have not yet been downloaded).

Convenient and well thought-out interface (see the screen above), there are several design themes. The program also has its own torrent search engine (there are already 500,000 torrents in its database!). It is possible to subscribe to the torrents you need (when they come out, the program will notify you about it).

All these media items listed above are free and without hidden SMS and other spam. In general, it makes sense to take a closer look at the program better 👌.


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First publication: 17.12.2017

Correction: 02/10/2020

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