Best Windows Optimization Software


Most users want to buy a new computer - but they don't have the option; have the ability to optimize Windows - but not everyone knows how (and many do not attach due importance to this, but in vain! ✌)

Meanwhile, even two identical computers with the same software can behave differently: one will slow down, "think" when accessing it, while the other will be pleasant and fast to work with. It's all about setting up and maintaining Windows ... 👌

In this article, I would like to focus on specials. utilities and programs that are designed to keep the hard drive clean and tidy (removing "garbage" in time), set optimal settings and optimize Windows (for example, to improve performance), block unwanted adware, etc.

👉 Remark!

All programs are grouped into several tables for more convenient selection and search for the desired one.


Selections of programs

To optimize and clean Windows

The table below shows programs that are a kind of "harvesters": they both clean the disk from junk files, and optimize the Windows OS, block and remove malware (which the classic antivirus does not see); defragment the disk; rule the register, etc.


Table 1: programs from it are relevant for Windows 7, 8, 10.

Developer program / siteProgram description
1Advanced SystemCare ✔

Website: //


  1. Screen 1 (cleaning and optimization);
  2. Screen 2 (defense);
  3. Screen 3 (acceleration tab).
Advanced SystemCare is, I'm not afraid to say, the best program for speeding up Windows and optimizing your computer. 👍

According to independent rating agencies, this "softinka" has won honorable places more than once. After using it, even weak PCs start to work faster - you can see it just by eye!

In general, for those who have never used it, I definitely recommend trying it! You won't get such acceleration in any other utility!

Main advantages:

  • Completely in Russian;
  • Modern design in a minimalist style with an intuitive interface;
  • Full support for Windows 7, 8, 10;
  • Removal of malware: trojans, viruses, scripts that change the start page in the browser;
  • Removing junk and temporary files;
  • Fixing shortcuts, editing the registry;
  • Defragment disks;
  • Turbo acceleration: the program has its own scripts (developments), due to which it can simply speed up the computer by an order of magnitude (especially if you have not cleaned your computer and have not performed optimization for a long time)!
 2Glary Utilities 👍

Website: //


  • Screen 1 (modules, features);
  • Screen 2 (cleaning in 1 click!).
This is a huge package of utilities to optimize any version of Windows (7, 8, 10). This package will come in handy for all occasions (and I'm not exaggerating!). In my personal opinion - this package deserves to be on every PC!

Key features:

  1. Working with the registry: cleaning of old and unnecessary records, defragmentation, recovery, backup;
  2. Working with disk space: deleting copies of files, cleaning the disk from garbage, temporary files, removing broken shortcuts, etc.;
  3. Optimization of Windows OS (using optimal settings, auto-cleaning of garbage, etc.);
  4. Removal of malware, spyware and other "good" that can be picked up on the Internet;
  5. Backing up drivers and restoring them;
  6. Recovering files that were accidentally deleted;
  7. Defragment your hard drive;
  8. Utility for removing programs that are not removed in the usual way;
  9. Working with startup - you can disable everything that slows down the PC when turned on;
  10. Ability to work with the task scheduler, etc. (a screenshot with all the features is presented below).
 3Wise Care 365 👍



Screen 1 (main window of the program when cleaning the PC)

Wise Care 365 - a solid set of utilities for optimizing the system registry, cleaning your computer from junk and obsolete files, optimizing, etc.

The set is not very bad, it is designed even for an unprepared user. Nice design and, in general, the color scheme does not hurt the eyes, and it is successfully combined.

At the top of the window there are several tabs, which are convenient for switching functions and making your choice. The program works in all versions of Windows 7, 8, 10, the Russian language is fully supported.




Screen 1 (registry repair, error correction)

Screen 2 (garbage cleaning)

A free but powerful utility for cleaning your computer from various garbage: temporary files, old erroneous registry entries, browser history, swap files, etc.

Probably one of the most famous and award-winning optimization utilities for Windows! By the way, today there are already versions for Android and Mac'a.

Using the utility is madly simple: install it, launch it, press the "clear" button - then the utility will scan everything and show how much space it can free up if you delete this and that. You just have to agree and in a moment your hard disk will become freer!

By the way, in addition to cleaning, the utility allows you to "repair" the system registry in Windows, delete "non-removable" applications, delete your browsing history in browsers, etc. In general, an excellent utility!

 5Comodo PC TuneUp



Screen 1 (scan Windows system for problems)

An excellent program for cleaning your computer from temporary files, cache, optimizing and compressing the registry. The program works quickly, the interface is user-friendly, focused more on experienced users.

The program lacks support for the Russian language (although it is not so difficult to deal with it, even if you have not studied English at all).

Key features:

  • restoration of damaged entries and settings in Windows (often crashes and conflicts of programs and drivers occur because of such "tails" from old programs);
  • cleaning the disk from temporary files and duplicate files;
  • increasing the speed of the computer by setting special settings in the system (the developers keep this moment a secret, but many users really confirm that the PC starts to work not only more stable, but also faster);
  • the presence of the safeDelete function (safe deletion) carries out a deep cleaning of your system (which is important, it does not concern important data that other cleaners of this kind sometimes overwrite).

Works in all Windows versions: XP / Vista / 7 32 or 64 bits. Required: RAM: 32 MB RAM, hard disk space: 20 MB.

 6AVG PC TuneUp



Screen 1 (operating system analysis results)

A program for optimizing a computer, laptop. Numerous test results show that this program not only improves the performance of your device, but also cleans up the hard disk well from all sorts of garbage (old temporary files, erroneous entries, etc.).

In addition, the program optimizes the software so as to increase the battery life!

I will list below several features of the program:

  1. search for duplicate files (if you have a lot of collections of music or pictures, you can clean up a lot of space, because in many collections the songs are repeated! Sometimes we are talking about tens of GB);
  2. searching for large files and informing you about them (many generally forget about them over time or even do not know);
  3. freeing the disk from junk files (history in browsers, temporary files, leftover files from remote programs);
  4. removal of garbage from more than 200 applications (i.e. Word, Excel, Nero, instant messengers, Skype, players, etc., etc.);
  5. the ability to use the turbo acceleration mode (although a more advanced version is needed);
  6. there is a special. battery saving modes (useful, especially, for owners of laptops that work away from the network).
 7Auslogics BoostSpeed



Screen 1 (system diagnostics results)

One of the best programs for improving the performance of a computer running Windows (by the way, all popular versions of Windows are supported: 7, 8, 10). I want to note right away that high performance is achieved by setting "fine" OS settings, cleaning the registry from erroneous branches, and cleaning the disk.

By the way, the program fully supports the Russian language (and it is selected automatically after installing the application).

To start cleaning your PC, you only need to press one button to start diagnostics. Then the program will scan the computer and give a result, for example: “The condition of the PC is poor, a lot of junk and errors, 2400 problems. Eliminate? ".

An example is shown in the screenshot (left). To fix problems - you only need to press 1 button ...

8Ashampoo WinOptimizer



Screen 1 (despite the English language, everything is clear thanks to the excellent graphical interface. Note: from the 17th version of 2020. Russian included in the language pack!)

A comprehensive suite of utilities designed to speed up, optimize and protect your computer from most threats and problems.

The program not only frees up space on your HDD (hard disk), but also increases the performance of the system as a whole (and then maintains it at the proper level), eliminates sub-optimal system settings, timely deletes various temporary and garbage files, "tails" from remote programs , cleans the registry, etc.

By the way, the developers of this program are very famous, and if you have ever used their products (and they have a lot of them), you probably noticed that they are all very simple and user-oriented. Those. they make them so that even a schoolchild or a person of age who sat down at a computer a few days ago could easily and quickly figure it out.




Screen 1 (program features; all utilities built into this software).

A large package of utilities for optimizing and maintaining Windows.

It is distributed in several versions: free and paid versions (differs in the number of possibilities). For evaluation, I recommend starting with a free one, and then ...

It is quite convenient that the developers have divided all the utilities into categories, and not in a general list, as is the case in some programs. The entire package is automatically updated without burdening the user.

Some features of the package:

  • cleaning the hard drive and system registry;
  • removal of programs (even those that cannot be removed in the usual way and by other applications);
  • optimization of the RAM;
  • deleting history on the Internet (deletes all at once from all browsers);
  • the ability to recover deleted files;
  • search for duplicate files;
  • the ability to split the file into pieces to write a large file to multiple media;
  • Windows backup and recovery;
  • the ability to configure the computer's schedule (for example, turn it off at a specified time) and so on, more ...
10Kerish doctor



Screen 1 (main program window)

This program is a real doctor for your computer, just a huge range of possibilities!

Here you can also clean up the disk from garbage, edit the registry from erroneous entries, optimize Internet settings, work with games (important for gamers), etc.

The program, among other things, prevents crashes and errors in Windows, which will save you time (and by the way, it is very significant). Within 15 days, the program can be used completely free of charge (then activation is required).

Supported: Windows: Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bits); fully translated into Russian. The utility can be used by both experienced users and those who sat down at the computer yesterday and only those who know the basics of owning it.

By the way, many users have calculated that the program, with regular use, cleans up about 200-400 GB of garbage per year on the most ordinary computer ...




Screen 1 (main program window - cleaning Windows in 1 mouse click)

A powerful utility for removing a variety of system "garbage" (tails left by remote programs; erroneous entries in the registry branches; history in browsers, and indeed traces of being on the network).

Moreover, many utilities of its kind (so to speak, competitors) are paid programs, but it is free. Perhaps this is a serious and weighty argument for choosing in her favor!

Briefly about the possibilities:

  1. cleaning Windows from old and unnecessary files;
  2. cleaning the system registry from old branches that are no longer used;
  3. optimization of Windows settings;
  4. improving computer performance;
  5. reducing the number of system errors and failures;
  6. increasing the stability of the system as a whole;
  7. Acceleration of computer startup after turning it on (i.e., the program disables applications that slow down loading, configures Windows in this regard to the best option).
12Advanced System Optimizer



Screen 1 (automatic system analysis)

Screen 2 (backup and restore)

A solid collection of various utilities that will help you maintain your Windows OS in time and efficiently.

Thanks to the complex, you will get access to many hidden settings that are not visible to the average OS user. The program has a pleasant and user-friendly interface, support for the Russian language, high performance.

Briefly about the capabilities of the complex:

  1. registry optimization: removing old and erroneous entries, compressing the registry;
  2. optimization and cleaning of the disk from "garbage";

    security of personal data: you can, for example, delete your entire history of visiting sites, moreover, in all browsers at once with 1 click of the mouse;

  3. data backup and recovery (as is always important, disks have not yet become so reliable as not to think about the safety of their files).


To speed up games

Note: it is logical to use these programs in addition to the programs from the first table - i.e. combine.

By the way! Additionally, a selection of programs to improve PC performance in games 👉 can be found here.

In addition, I would advise you to familiarize yourself with the materials 👉 overclocking PC / laptop.


table 2

Developer program / siteProgram description
1Razer Game Booster



(In 2019, the utility is included in System Care)

Screen 1 (PC Games in Razer Game Booster)

A simple and free utility to improve your gaming performance in just 1 CLICK! In addition, it allows real-time video recording. Well, what other program combines this ?!

Often, before starting a game, your RAM is loaded with extraneous applications. With the Razer Game Booster, you can direct all the power of your computer to the game, thereby making your play more comfortable, the game will slow down less (and in some cases it will stop altogether).

By the way, the video is recorded by the program is not very bad. Do not be ashamed to share it with your friends and show your results. In general, try it, it will not make your PC worse!

 2Razer Cortex



Screen 1 (example of the program)

An excellent program for gamers (i.e. game lovers), speeding up the computer and increasing its performance during games (sorry for the tautology).

Once you configure the program, it will automatically adjust the computer settings every time you start the games so that you can get maximum performance in games!

In addition, it allows you to broadcast your game on the Internet, or record it on video.

By the way, also in the application you can see all the newest games, promotions and prices for them (in general, get acquainted with the current advertising and new games in the game industry). Which, in principle, is not always a minus - since if you are interested in games, such advertising will even be a plus ...

 3Game fire



Screen 1 (main window)

Quite an interesting application for increasing the frame rate (that is, FPS) in games (it can be used even on weak PCs (by modern standards)).

How the program works: you add a game to it.Further, when you start the game, the program automatically cleans up the RAM, disables unnecessary services at the moment and uses all PC resources for this game. Due to this, the game starts to work a little faster than before.

There are 2 versions of the program: free (only basic acceleration options are available) and paid (everything is available!).




Screen (settings window)

A small program that allows you to fine-tune video cards based on NVIDIA chips. It allows you to access even those settings of the video card that are hidden and not available in the "normal" versions of the drivers.

The program has a pre-installed version of the settings, a script editor, a registry editor, the ability to low-level GPU overclocking, a diagnostic module. In general, for the owners of NVIDIA video cards - the utility is just the right thing to do!

 5EVGA Precision X



Screen (main window)

Specialized software for overclocking and fine-tuning video cards for maximum acceleration! Works with EVGA, GeForce graphics cards based on Nvidia chips.


  • changing the GPU frequency;
  • changing the memory frequency;
  • fan speed setting;
  • voltage setting;
  • support for extreme overclocking;
  • functionality and full support for Microsoft DirectX 12 API and much more.

Author's home page:


Screen (all software features)

This utility allows you to configure and emulate some parameters of video cards. For example, if you have a sufficiently powerful video card, then you can emulate a specific device: for example, the operation of an old video card GeForce FX 5900 Ultra or ATI Radeon 9800 (required for some games!).

You can also use it in another "key": if your video card does not support any new "bells and whistles", and you want to start the game - 3D-Analyze will allow you to "cheat" the game and show it that you have a new video card!

Note: 3D-Analyze patches the EXE file (with which the program works) so that the next time you launch this application, you will not need to launch 3D-Analyze. Those. once set up the desired game, and you do not need to climb anywhere else and do not need to launch anything!




Screen (settings window)

A program with a huge number of settings for the video mode of the video card and monitor. For example: setting the color mode, scanning frequency (relevant for old CRT monitors), setting the resolution, etc. (more than 500 parameters for setting in total!).

If you want to speed up the video card, then the program can overclock the chip and memory on the video card, adding up to 15-20% in speed to it!

Important! Overclocking is not without risk, with an inept approach, you can easily disable a video card. You do it - at your own peril and risk.


To defragment the disk

Defragmentation is the operation of organizing information on a hard disk. If you do it regularly, then your disk will work a little faster. This is especially true for the FAT 32 file system (NTFS does not suffer from fragmentation so much, and it is required to defragment the disk under this file system much less often).

Important! Do not defragment SSD drives (as their durability will decrease).


Table 3

Developer program / siteProgram description
1IObit Smart Defrag



Screen 1 (main window)

Smart defrag Is one of the best free hard disk (HDD) defragmentation software. Not surprisingly, due to its ultra-fast work, the program has won the trust of more than 30 million people around the world!

As the manufacturers of this software declare, they have brought their algorithms to near perfection, due to which the performance rises to the maximum (which can only be obtained through defragmentation).

By the way, the program is perfect for large-capacity hard drives (manufacturers have taken into account current trends). Plus, Smart Defrag can work when you're away from your computer or doing something "light".




Screen 1 (hard disk defragmentation)

A simple disk defragmenter that does its job perfectly.The program is completely free. The design is made in the style of minimalism (nothing superfluous, no advertising, no annoying windows and reminders).

Defragmentation, by the way, if carried out regularly, has an extremely positive effect on the computer's performance.

This is especially true for the FAT 32 file system (NTFS is not so susceptible to this phenomenon, and therefore disks under its control can be defragmented much less often).

 3Auslogics Disk Defrag



Screen 1 (disk defragmentation process)

Free (for home use) disk defragmenter. Very compact and fast. Thanks to the optimization of the computer's file system, it is possible to speed it up a little - therefore, it is no coincidence that the program is used by more than 11 million users around the world!


  1. ultra-fast defragmentation of files (including system files, many other programs do not touch them, which is why it is not possible to achieve maximum acceleration);
  2. the ability to work in the background (so as not to interfere with the user doing their own business).

System requirements:

  1. Windows 10, 8, 7, XP (with SP3);
  2. 25 MB of hard disk space HDD;
  3. 32 MB of RAM;
  4. 800 × 600 screen resolution.
 4O&O Defrag



Screen 1 (main window)

One of the most powerful programs for defragmenting hard drives (HDD). Imagine, it supports almost all file systems that are found on users' computers: FAT, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, Volume / Stripe Sets.

In addition, it can work on a schedule (you need to configure it in advance), as well as work in the background when the load on the PC is minimal. Imagine if you have a desire to waste your time on defragmentation? Many do not have it, and the program can work in BACKGROUND MODE (i.e. when you, for example, watch a movie, it quietly, without disturbing you, defragments everything). And you only, after watching, will continue to work in the fast system ...

 5WinMend Registry Defrag



Screen 1 (program results, report)

A small free utility designed to defragment and clean the Windows registry. The program safely cleans the registry from "garbage" (old program keys that have been deleted, erroneous entries, etc.).

Thanks to this, Windows, and other programs in general, find the data they need faster and, accordingly, there are fewer brakes on the computer.

Of the minuses: there is no support for the Russian language (at least officially. I saw Russifiers somewhere on the network, but now I can't find it ...).

 6Puran defrag



Screen 1 (program operation)

Free program for defragmenting hard drives. The program is distinguished, first of all, by its high speed of work. Therefore, if you are tired of waiting for the defragmentation to be carried out there, try replacing your utility with this one. Be surprised when this program completes the same operation faster!

The program can defragment the entire HDD as a whole, or do it in relation to individual files and folders (for example, you can select all the most frequently used folders).

Some features:

  1. intelligent defragmenter with fast algorithm;
  2. the ability to automatically defragment without distracting the user with anything unnecessary;
  3. command line support;
  4. the ability to turn off the PC after performing the defragmentation procedure.


To clean the registry


The registry is a large database with all the settings and parameters of the Windows operating system. For example, when you install a program, information about it is entered into the registry.

But there is one catch: after removing this very program, "tails" remain in the registry - ie. any records about this software. Over time, a lot of such "junk" information accumulates in the registry (which affects performance).

Of course, the registry needs to be cleaned up so that Windows can run faster. Actually, the programs below are needed to cope with this task ...


Table 4

Developer program / siteProgram description
1Wise Registry Cleaner



Screen 1 (main window: registry cleaning, optimization and compression)

This program helps to clean the Windows system registry from various kinds of incorrect entries (for example, "tails" left by deleted programs), as a result of which your computer does not lose its performance and works as if you bought it yesterday and brought it home.

The program works simply: after starting it makes a copy of the registry (just in case!), Then scans the registry, after which it gives you a number of errors and problems - if you agree, then Wise Registry Cleaner gets rid of them.

In cases where something went wrong, you always have a backup copy and you can roll back (to be honest, for several years of using the utility - this has never happened!).

It is also worth noting the functions of compressing the system registry and optimizing the system. Thanks to them, you can squeeze out even more free PC speed and increase performance.

By the way, there is an automatic mode: this is when the utility will automatically start at the right time and clean (+ optimize) your PC from all sorts of problems. Automatic mode needs pre-setting. In general, the utility is worth at least trying it (and after the test, you yourself will not want to part with it!).

 2Auslogics Registry Cleaner



Screen 1 (main program window)

A free program that helps you clean the Windows registry (all Windows versions are supported: 7, 8, 10).

It is no secret that as you work (especially if you often sit at the computer), you have too many erroneous entries in the registry (for example, old entries from programs or games that have been deleted long ago). All of this, over time, begins to affect the performance of your computer.

With the help of Auslogics Registry Cleaner, you can quickly and easily clean your PC from these incorrect and erroneous entries. Using the utility is maddeningly simple - after installation and launch, you only need to press one button "scan".

Then the utility will provide a report, and you will have to decide whether to clean the system or continue to sit and wait "by the sea for a favorable wind" ...

 3Vit Registry Fix



Screen 1 (main window)

A small utility for fixing the registry from all sorts of errors and outdated data.

By the way, in this regard, Vit Registry Fix has no equal - it finds about 50 variants of varieties of incorrect entries in the registry.

In addition, the program can work in manual mode and independently delete certain keys and branches in the registry. Before changes in the registry - the program creates backups. In general, an excellent tool for your specific task.

 4Reg Organizer



Screen 1 (main window: tons of possibilities!)

Multifunctional program for tidying up the Windows registry (versions from XP to 10 are supported!).

With its help, you not only tidy up the system registry itself, but also optimize the operating system, and as a result, speed up and increase the performance of your computer.

Some features of the program:

  1. cleaning the registry and fixing errors in it (cleaning tails from programs that have long been removed from the PC);
  2. optimization of the registry: defragmentation and compression;
  3. cleaning hard drives - removing "junk" temporary files, removing empty directories, invalid shortcuts, etc .;
  4. removal of unused programs (the program will show you them, and you select. Many users forget that once there they needed a program once - but it remains in memory and eats your resources);
  5. editing Windows auto-boot;
  6. editing the registry (this option is for advanced users, because with it you can also put the computer down - that is, you will have to reinstall the OS).
 5Registry Life



Screen 1 (problems found ...)

A simple and free program for cleaning and optimizing the system registry.

The utility will fix errors in the registry, optimize it, thanks to this, your system will work more stable and faster, and the number of errors will be minimized.

By the way, probably all users noticed when they installed a new Windows or bought a new computer - it "flew", no brakes or freezes. But after a certain time, even the folders begin to open with some reluctance. Why?

The point is just in the registry. Over time, it accumulates a large number of "garbage" records, "tails" from old and deleted programs, etc. All these incorrect entries begin to negatively affect performance.




Screen 1 (search box)

Free utility for scanning the system registry. In accordance with the specified search criteria, it is able to search through the entire registry and provide a list of found branches (it is convenient when you are looking for something, but you do not even know the section where to search).

From the results found - you can immediately go to the registry editor in the desired branch to the desired parameter in order to edit it.

You can also create a reg file with the necessary keys, so that you can then transfer it to someone else (for example, to someone who himself cannot enter the necessary values ​​into the registry). You just need to run such a file and agree to add values ​​to the registry. Easy and fast!

 7O&O RegEditor



Screen 1 (open registry: search for the desired branch)

It is a free program for editing the Windows registry with a convenient and intuitive interface. Thanks to it, you can quickly find all the keys, branches, you can edit them, and the entered settings can be imported into a separate xml file.

If you have branches and keys that you need to refer to often, then O&O RegEditor has the function of favorites (that is, you will go to the desired address in 1 click!). By the way, the program does not need to be installed, you can carry it with you on a USB flash drive and run it on problem PCs ...

8Registry Workshop



Screen 1 (example of work)

An advanced version of the program instead of the standard Regedit and RegEdt32 programs.

According to the developers, their creation searches for branches and keys an order of magnitude faster than any other registry editor (especially the standard one built into Windows).

Registry WorkShop also allows you to make bookmarks (to quickly navigate to the keys you need), make backup copies of the registry and restore it (in which case).

In addition to all that has been said, the program can defragment the registry, which has a positive effect on the speed of the PC as a whole.

By the way, all your registry changes that you make in the program, it saves in history, and you can change any editing (i.e. return everything back as it was), even if you have already rebooted the computer 10 times.


To control startup (processes)

Table 5

Author's program / siteProgram description
 1Autorun Organizer



Screen 1 (list of programs, recommendations for setting)

A free and simple program designed for fine-tuning Windows startup. Thanks to this, it is possible to speed up the startup of the computer. In addition, Windows itself works a little better, due to the fact that the RAM is not occupied by processes that you do not need.

Among other things, the program is equipped with a small anti-virus database, which is focused on boot viruses. Therefore, the use of this utility is doubly justified!


  1. Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP - 10 (32- and 64-bit);
  2. RAM: from 256 MB;
  3. Disk space: 50 MB;
  4. Administrator rights.
 2AnVir Task Manager



Screen 1 (a lot of information - my head is spinning 😉)

A freeware program designed to replace the standard Windows Task Manager. It allows you to manage (and quite skillfully, by the way) startup, drivers, running processes. It also finds and removes some types of viruses and malware. The program, by optimizing some settings, allows you to speed up your computer.

By the way, the program has taken pride of place in various ratings more than once, as one of the best programs for a system administrator.

What is convenient to control in it:

  1. the most active processes, their CPU load;
  2. temperature of hard drives;
  3. the load on hard drives created by various applications;
  4. monitor network traffic;
  5. monitor the condition of the laptop battery;
  6. watch the state of memory.



Screen 1 (processes at a glance!)

A free utility from Microsoft that can manage the startup of programs, services, modules, drivers and other system components.

Moreover, no other utility will be able to manage the way it does it! Look at the screenshot below: there are codecs and DLL files, programs, services, drivers, processes, files of printers, monitors, browsers, etc.

The program displays ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that will be launched after turning on the computer. Accordingly, you get the opportunity to edit all this "good".

In addition, you can search the entire system for startup programs. When found, Autoruns can show the properties of any object, its path to the physical file, the parameters with which it starts.

 4Process lasso



Screen 1 (processes in the system are online!)

A small shareware program that allows you to control and monitor all running processes and programs on your computer.

By monitoring the processes (and disabling some of them, for example, malfunctioning or frozen), you can achieve higher performance of your PC, as well as reduce the number of errors and OS crashes.

Each process is available for editing and viewing detailed information about it. With one click of the mouse, you can change the priority of the process.

By the way, the priority can be saved, and then the next time this process is started (for example, after restarting the PC), it will be launched again with the same priority (this is not possible with the usual Windows task manager)!

The utility also keeps a log, which displays detailed statistics: when, what and how it was launched. This log can be exported in other formats for further study.


The article turned out to be quite voluminous, but it will not lose its relevance in a few years. By the way, links to software, descriptions and screenshots are periodically updated!

On this sim, it seems like everything ...


If anyone has anything to add, thank you in advance.

Happy work!


First publication: 06.11.2016

Correction: 11/15/2020