List of commands "Run" - WIN + R / line "Open"

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In many cases, it is much more convenient to open Windows programs and settings through the menu "Run" rather than searching for them long and hard in the control panel, computer properties, etc.

Moreover, in some cases (for example, when the conductor fails), there may simply not be another option. 👀

In my articles, I often recommend using the menu "Run" since this is the easiest and fastest way to open the necessary settings in any version of Windows (note: we are talking about modern Windows 7, 8, 10). Below is a plate that has helped me out more than once ...

👉 Remark!

Perhaps you will need an article with tables of keyboard shortcuts for working in Windows, files, text.


To open any program from the table below, do the following:

  1. press the button combination WIN + R (relevant for Windows 7, 8, 10);
  2. in the opened window "Run" , in line "Open" enter the desiredcommand (3rd column in the table);
  3. click Enter (if the command is entered correctly, the required program or list of settings will open).

Opening scheme


Table with commands for the "Run" menu

⇓ What to open?English name of the program (+ short description)Command for "Run"
Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

The Internet browser is, in principle, a very good browser. It is needed at least to download and install another browser.


Graphic editor, used for drawing simple pictures, editing jpg, bmp, png files.

Windows FirewallWindows firewall

Protects you online by blocking unwanted applications from accessing the network.


Simple text editor (will be able to replace Word for a while ...).

Administration Administrative Tools

You have to open the "administration" tab quite often: when working with disks, task scheduler, services, etc.

control admintools
Archiving and restoringBackup and restore

A timely backup can save you a lot of time and hassle!


Simple and concise notepad built into Windows. It is often needed to view and edit txt files.

System Restore System restore

Starting the computer recovery procedure (relevant if there are pre-created checkpoints in auto-mode or manual).

Log outLog Out Of Windows

Simple logout to, for example, log in as a different user. Not so relevant, and yet, there is such a team ...

Date and timeDate and Time

Setting the date and time on the computer (displayed in the system tray - lower right corner).

Disk Defragmenter Disk Defragmenter

Disk optimization utility. It can analyze the disk for the need for defragmentation - if it is needed, it will also do it ...

Windows Task Manager Windows Task Manager

A very useful dispatcher: for example, if a program hangs, then you can't go anywhere without it ...

Alternative launch - press buttons Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Device Manager Device Manager

A very necessary dispatcher: in case of problems with drivers or connected new equipment, you cannot do without it ...




Shutting down WindowsShuts Down Windows

I think there is no comment here - a command for a simple shutdown of the PC.

shutdown / s

Command for opening a tab with sound settings.

Gaming devicesGame controllers

View all connected joysticks, gamepads, steering wheels, etc. game set. Changing their properties, setting.

Calibrating Screen ColorsDisplay Color Calibration

A very useful wizard that helps you set up the display of a high-quality picture (which, by the way, reduces the strain on the eyes - they get tired and strained less).


Standard calculator in Windows /

Command line Command Prompt

Many parameters and settings are hidden behind the "command line". Therefore, quite often you have to use it.

Windows componentsWindows Features

A tab for enabling or disabling components in Windows (also available in the Control Panel under Programs).

system configurationSystem Configuration

Will help you select and configure Windows boot options.

Local security policyLocal Security Policy

Windows Tweaks ...

Local users and groupsLocal Users and Groups

It will help to create another user in Windows (for example).

Shared Resource WizardCreate A Shared Folder Wizard

This wizard will help you create a shared folder on your computer that will be available to all users on your network.

Add Hardware WizardAdd Hardware Wizard

This wizard will help you connect the hardware and configure the drivers (especially useful for older hardware that lacks the "Plug and Play" function).

Volume mixerSound Volume

Adjust the volume on the computer. Relevant when you need to set the volume for each application separately.

Resource Monitor Resource Monitor

A useful monitor that will show what is loading your processor, disk, network, memory (which process, program, etc.).

Configuring User Account Control User Account Control Settings

Working with accounts: you can create another account (useful when you have 2 or more users on your PC).

ScissorsSnipping tool

A very handy tool for creating freeform screenshots (with highlights, underlines, etc.).

Shared foldersShared Folders

View all shared folders that are on this PC (i.e. folders open to all users of the PC / network).

Disk cleanup Disk Cleanup Utility

A very useful utility for cleaning the disk from "junk" files.

Control Panel Control Panel

Calling the Windows Control Panel (useful command when Explorer freezes or crashes).

Fonts folderFonts Folder

Show all fonts in Windows.

Downloads folder"Downloads" Folder

Show all downloaded files. For example, most browsers download all downloaded files to this folder (note: by default).

Folders settingsFolder Options

Display options, opening settings, etc. for folders.

control folders
RebootRestart Windows

No comments...

shutdown / r

Background settings, themes and other fancy in Windows.

control desktop
Task Scheduler Task sheduler

A very useful scheduler: it helps, for example, to schedule the launch of a program at a certain action: when you turn on the PC, reboot, start other software, etc.

control schedtasks
Remote Desktop ConnectionRemote Desktop Connection

Opens a wizard to help you connect to a remote desktop. Why is this needed? Well, for example, you can set up a computer for a friend who is poorly versed in IT intricacies.

Disk check Check Disk Utility

This is a very useful function that more than once helped me to return to reading disks that were strewn with errors and Windows could not read them.

ConductorWindows Explorer

Start Windows Explorer.

DiskPart programDisk Partition Manager

Managing volumes and partitions on a hard disk. To skillfully manage the program, you need to know the list of commands: //

Programs and FeaturesPrograms and Features

This tab will help you remove old and unnecessary programs, disable unused components.

Local Group Policy EditorLocal Group Policy Editor

Not available in all versions of Windows. It is necessary for fine-tuning some parameters.

Registry editor Registry Editor

A very useful command that opens the registry editor. All parameters of your Windows operating system are set in the registry.

System information System Information

If you want to know your PC model, Windows version, BIOS version, mat. boards, etc. - then you are here!

Properties of the systemSystem Properties

System properties help to set the name of the computer, the workgroup it belongs to, and other parameters.

Properties: InternetInternet Properties

IE customization: home page selection, tab display option, etc.

Properties: KeyboardKeyboard Properties

Configuring keyboard operation: cursor blink rate, repeat rate, etc.

control keyboard
Properties: Mouse Mouse Properties

Adjusting the mouse operation: double-click speed, cursor movement speed, etc.

control mouse
Network connections Network Connections

This tab allows you to see all created connections on your computer.It is very much in demand when setting up a network, in case of failures and unstable work of the Internet.

control netconnections



System monitorPerformance Monitor

Allows you to monitor the performance of the CPU, network, disk: both in real time and by logs.

Services Services

After executing the command, you will see a list of services. Some of them can be turned off, change startup parameters, etc. When optimizing and configuring a PC - you always have to open this tab!

Create a system recovery discCreate a system repair disk

A useful option for creating rescue disk (s). If the system crashes, it can always be restored by inserting such a disk into the drive.

DirectX Diagnostic Tool Direct X Troubleshooter

You can find out the DirectX version, the amount of RAM, the model of the PC (laptop), the name of the video card, etc. A very useful option when setting up Windows.

ClearType Text Tuner ClearType Text Tuner

In addition to the size of the font, its clarity on the screen is important. ClearType technology is designed to adjust fonts as well as possible on your monitor!

symbol tableCharacter Map

If you want to find some rare symbol - use this table. Examples: µ, ∑, ß, etc.

Windows Remote AssistanceWindows Remote Assistance

If you want someone to help you set up your computer (or you could help someone) - use this wizard.

Disk management Disk Management

If you want to see all the drives connected to the system, change the drive letter, format, etc. - without this master, nowhere!

Computer management Computer Management

You will have access to: task scheduler, local users, shared folders, disk management, etc. In general, a fairly extensive list of features and parameters.

Installing or removing interface languagesInstall or uninstall display languages

Thanks to the installation of a new language, you can switch the language in Windows (useful, for example, when you do not have Russian and want to enable it).

Devices and PrintersDevices and Printers

This tab allows you to see and configure all printers and scanners connected to your computer.

control printers
user accountsUser Accounts

You can change the rights for user accounts, create a new user, change passwords, etc.

Window color and appearanceWindow Color and Appearance

Choose from dozens of window color options in Windows.

control color
Windows Mobility CenterWindows Mobility Center

A quick way to see options: screen brightness, battery power, connected displays, volume, etc.

Accessibility CenterEase of Access Center

Access settings that help people with disabilities use the PC. Tools include Narrator, On-Screen Keyboard, High Contrast, and more.

Screen keyboardOn-Screen Keyboard

Replaces a conventional keyboard. It helps in cases when, for example, you do not have a regular keyboard, or some keys do not work. In my opinion, this is a temporary solution ...

Screen magnifierMagnifier

It is necessary when you need to see small details on the screen.

Power supply Power options

A very useful option for configuring power supply (especially for laptops). For example, you can set the time to turn off the display, its brightness, time to stop discs, etc.

language and regional standardsRegion and Language

Allows you to set date and time formats, select a system of units, numbers, etc.

(For example, instead of the date 3.12.2019, you can make the display 2019/12/03 - that is, to whom it is more convenient)


Note: the most popular and necessary commands are marked in green (see the first column in the table).


Add-ons are welcome ...

Good luck!


First published: 03.12.2016

Correction: 01/05/2020

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