Slow download speed on Steam, why? How to increase the loading speed of games

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Tell me with one problem. I recently bought the game on Steam, but I still can't download it. The download speed does not exceed 100 KB / s (and if it does exceed it, it will only be for a few seconds, and then it drops again).

What's strange: files from the torrent are downloaded at 10-11 MB / s. What could be the reason? (I poked different settings in the program itself, until there is no result)

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In general, ideally, if your torrent download speed is 10 MB / s, then the speed should be approximately the same on Steam (in normal mode). Judging by the description, it is very similar to either some kind of "artificial" limitation, or a high load on the Steam server itself.

Below I will try to give a sequential "procedure" for checking the basic software settings ...


Understanding the causes of low speed on Steam

👉 STEP 1: check your current internet speed

I want to start the article with one simple tip: first of all, check your current Internet speed (for example, you can be connected to a channel at 100 Mbit / s, but in fact at the present time - the speed will not exceed 10 Mbps).

It is better to do this with the help of third-party services (for example, at 👉 //

If during the test your Internet speed does not exceed 30 Mbps (Mbps), then the maximum download speed that you will see on Steam will not exceed 3.5 MB / s (to convert Mbps to MB / s, simply divide the number by 8 ; more on this).

👉 To help!

How to check and find out your real internet speed - instructions

Test results in


👉 STEP 2: specify what the Internet channel is loaded with

I also recommend that you check if there are any other applications on your computer that are currently running and are loading the Internet feed.

This can be done in the task manager (to enter it - press Ctrl + Shift + Esc), or using the special. 👉NetLimiter applications.

Pay attention first of all to those applications that load the network more than 5%: torrent programs, browsers, etc.

Applications sorted by network graph

NetLimiter - sorted by download traffic


👉 STEP 3: try changing the download region

HaveSteam games are located on different servers around the world! This is done so that all users have a high speed of access to Steam services.

Usually, by default, Steam automatically detects the closest server to download games (and usually the maximum download speed from it).

But in some cases, it makes sense to try to manually specify the required server in the settings: often, when a server in a neighboring country gives a file faster than a server in Russia ... (for example, if you live in Kamchatka, it makes sense to try not only Russian servers, but and Japan ... 👌)

Note: you can select the region to download in the Steam settings in the section "Downloads" ... See screenshot below. 👇

Steam - settings

Download region: Kazan -> Moscow


👉 STEP 4: check if there are any speed limits. Clear your download cache!

Also in the section "Downloads" there may be speed limits on Steam. Ideally, it should be installed "No limit" (as in the screenshot below 👇).

Pay also attention to the checkboxes: allow loading during the game, slow down the loading during the broadcast (i.e. it may be that you put a new game on download and decided to while away the time in one of the old ones - but due to the missing checkbox loading while the game is running will not work!).

Speed ​​- unlimited! Clearing the cache! / Steam

Note: also try clear cache download (the button is at the bottom of the section window "Downloads" , see the screen above 👆).


👉 STEP 5: check the traffic map

Pay attention also to the global traffic map (when the sales of games start on Steam, the load on the server channels increases, which affects the download speed).

Global Steam Map

For example, during the New Year holidays, the load on the servers on Steam increased 2 ÷ 6 times!

And quite a few users complained about the access speed (if you have a similar case, just wait until the end of the holidays 😉).


👉 STEP 6: are there any speed limits in the router?

Most modern providers, when connecting to the Internet, install a router (so that there is a Wi-Fi network throughout the house).

Modern routers allow you to limit the download / upload speed (for example, so that one computer from the network does not "clog" the entire channel).

Usually, the limitation is set on a specific computer (and not on a program). Therefore, if the reason is in the settings of the router, then your download speed (most likely) will be low in all programs ...

👉 To help!

Setting up a home router using the example of Tenda (FH456) - see instructions

Limiting the download speed to the user in 512 KB / s (Tenda router)

By the way, in the router settings, pay attention also to other computers on the network: do they clog the channel by downloading various data. For example, in the screenshot above, the "PC Lite" computer is pumping something at a speed of 465 KB / s ...


👉 STEP 7: change ISP

In some cases, changing your ISP is the only solution to the problem. Especially if you are using a low-speed connection, when optics have already "come" into your house.

By the way, I disassembled some types of connection in one previous note, the link to it is below.

👉 To help!

Internet connection methods: which is better and which one to choose - basic connection options


Additions on the topic are welcome ...

If you have resolved the issue somehow differently - let us know in the comments (thanks in advance).

Good luck!


First published: 12.11.2018

Correction of the record: 08/12/2020

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