Programs for improving the quality of photos (or how to make a beautiful photo with two clicks of the mouse)

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Modern cameras (including those built into smartphones) are already quite good and allow even non-professionals to take high-quality pictures ...

However, in some cases, due to haste (for example), the photo may lack sharpness, the horizon line is broken, poor color rendition, etc. (I'm not even talking about those pictures that were taken 5-10 years ago with still not such high-quality cameras).

Of course, all this can be partially corrected (and even if you are not special in this area 👌). For this we need a few simple programs (they will be discussed below ...).

Note: I don't consider Gimp, Photoshop, etc. editors - after all, these are professional tools! Try to explain to your inexperienced aunt / uncle, for example, how to use them (this will not be easy, unlike the software below).


Photo enhancement (easy options for beginners)

Photos app (built into Windows 10) 👍

If you have an "uncut" and updated version of Windows 10, then it has a pretty good program in its arsenal. "Photos" ... It is, of course, very simple and there are not many handy filters in it - but nothing needs to be downloaded, configured, etc. etc.

Photos app - processing screenshot

In fact, it only has a few basic functions:

  • crop and rotate photos;
  • effects (there is a good set of filters);
  • adjustments: adjust brightness, remove "red" eyes, lighten / darken, etc.


The result of processing my "experimental" photo is shown in the example below (I changed the angle of the photo and added colors - it immediately looks more lively and colorful ?!).

Processing with Windows 10's built-in editor

Note: to start editing the photo you need, right-click on it (PKM) and in the explorer menu select the item "Edit with the Photos app" . 👇

Edit with app photos


Home photo studio 👍

Website: //

A solid little program for quick and easy photo editing (great for inexperienced users in graphics).

It has many more options than the previous app, but it's also easy to use! Its interface is shown in the screenshot below. 👇

Effects - toning (program window)

In general, I already had a small note on my blog about how to work in it (there I gave my examples and showed how to achieve the same results). Link to note below. 👇

👉 To help!

How to use the "Home Photo Studio": a few examples of how to make a beautiful bright photo in 4-5 steps (like on the cover of a magazine)

Enhancing photography with Home Photo Studio


Let's Enhance

Website: //

A very unusual service that allows you to increase the clarity and resolution of a photo several times (for a paid account, 16 times, for a free account, 2-4).

This result is achieved due to neural networks, which literally in 10-20 seconds. able to process your photo and improve its quality. Oriented service for working with landscape and portrait Photo!

Note: service in English. To process a photo, you need to register, select a picture, indicate how many times to enlarge, set filtering options (if necessary) and download the finished result!

Photo processing - increasing the resolution and clarity

By the way, here are a couple of examples 👇. In general, a very, very interesting service (it is recommended to upload JPG files to it - you will not see transition borders on them, like on PNG!).

2 examples of the service



Website: //

Free photo editor for all occasions.He, of course, does not shine with an ultra-convenient and modern design, but the arsenal has all the most necessary functions and effects for processing photo images.

For example, you can easily crop edges, change brightness, saturation, adjust hues, add filters, etc.

Photo processing in PhotoScape

To process a photo in PhotoScape: start the program and go to the "editor" menu. Then select the desired photo (in the menu on the left) and you can start editing. The required tools are at the bottom of the window (see example above ☝).


AKVIS Enhancer

Website: //

10 days free (trial period)

A very good program for correcting various defects in the photo. For example, you can remove "unnecessary noise" from a picture, improve detail, make some areas darker / lighter, correct brightness and contrast.

In general, I would note the interface: it is extremely simple and logical here - there are only a few tabs: before processing, after, as well as a navigator with filters. 👇

AKVIS Enhancer - Image Processing

By the way, the program has pre-prepared presets that significantly speed up and facilitate the processing of photographs. Thanks to their use, your photo can be changed beyond recognition! (it will be as glossy, as if you took it from a magazine from a professional photographer!)



Website: //

An extended version of the Windows built-in Paint editor. It is worth noting that its capabilities are much wider than a standard editor, and it allows you to perform most of the most necessary actions for processing photo images:

  • image rotation to any angle;
  • trimming the edges (cropping);
  • adjusting brightness and contrast;
  • work with shades:
  • blur, patterns, effects, red-eye removal, etc. (there are more than 30 effects in the arsenal!) - an example of working with photos

Note: the program is distributed free of charge. To perform a number of functions, you need to download additional. plugins.



Website: //

An excellent and multifunctional editor for images and photo-images (almost all formats are supported, including the "problematic" RAW). Note that Fotor has both an online version of the editor and an app.

By the way, the program, in addition to editing pictures, can create collages (but this is a different topic from our 👌).

Fotor - main editor window

Despite the fact that the editor does not have Russian support, it is quite simple to use it. All you have to do is select a picture and then, from the menu on the right, specify what effects you want to apply to it.

In fact, there are not so many tabs and you can quickly click them all - the picture changes beyond recognition right before your eyes! A small example - see below. 👇

Photo processing result in Fotor

Note: in the application, some effects are available only in the paid version (you can apply them, but the photo will be watermarked).



Website: //

In general, this program is more used to view photo and video files. But a fairly functional editor was also built into the modern version. To open it: when viewing the desired photo - just click on the top menu "editor" (key "F" - enter / exit full-screen view).

After that, the menu on the left contains hundreds of filters, effects, functions for working with geometry, exposure, lighting, etc. Of course, the program cannot be called the easiest for an inexperienced user to master, but still ... 👌

Editor at ACDSee

Look at the number of artistic effects alone 👇 - there are dozens of them!

Number of effects

After applying any of the effects (filters) - in the photo you immediately see all the changes.

In general, I recommend the program for acquaintance!

An example of applying effects in ACDSee

👉 By the way!

How to view photos and pictures in an archive without extracting it.


Add-ons are welcome!

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