Online drawing on a computer: an overview of unique services

Good day!

I didn't think that my last article about drawing programs would arouse remarkable interest among many users ... ✌

Well, if so, today I decided to bring several services that allow you to create interesting online drawings... Moreover, in my review I want to highlight not just sites analogs of classic Paint (which is in all Windows), but with unique things.

For example, we are talking about neural algorithms: when you sketch - and the site automatically draws a picture in color. How do you like it?

Or, when you can paint your picture, put it on public display and receive comments and ratings from other users (in turn, rate their creations). I think many should like it ?! 👌



Where can I draw online in a browser

👉 Pix2pix

Website: //

My painting: cat ...

An interesting service that allows you to get a pretty realistic image with the help of a few sketches.

For example, you can draw a cat, someone's portrait, shoes, bags, buildings, etc. by hand. Each element has its own drawing window (perhaps it is a little inconvenient that the service is made in English).

My picture is shown just above: for 1 min. not bad in my opinion ...

How do you like such a handsome man?

Pix2pix was developed on the basis of 100,000 photos, which were provided by the project participants and processed by a neural network.

Imagine, if you can get quite good things from such simple sketches now, what will happen next? For example, based on a composite sketch, you can get a very realistic photo of a person! We are on the verge of big changes that the IT sector is preparing for us ...


👉 "Kids on the Internet"

Website: //

OCOMP - 3D picture from the website logo

Great site for kids and their parents. Here, in my opinion, there is everything: ready-made drawings, and crafts, and various paintings, and advice, and communication, and many, many tools for online drawing!

Several tools for example

For example, they have a 3D constructor, there are various options for "magic" brushes (this is when you can paint with a brush in different colors at once), drawing at once simultaneously with the artists, etc. There are a lot of interesting options for creating a picture, I definitely recommend it for review.

By the way, pay attention to contests - in them you can not only have an interesting time, but also get some prizes. Anyone can take part.


👉 Draw with us!

Main page: //

(note from 05.24.20: the site is currently under reconstruction, let's hope that everything will be fine 👌)

Draw with us!

Just a great multi-functional service that will appeal to everyone who likes to draw. Judge for yourself:

  1. there is a convenient tool (canvas) for drawing: there are dozens of brushes, pencils and other equipment available in it for creating high-quality and complex drawings;
  2. there is a collection of drawings: all of them are rated by other users, commented on, asked questions. There are a lot of pictures, they are of different genres, colors, drawn using different techniques and tools;
  3. there is an orders section on the site (i.e. you can suggest a theme for a drawing or just order something for yourself);
  4. there is a section "Duel" - this is for those who have already learned to draw a little and want to try themselves against another living person;
  5. there is a very interesting function: you can see how the picture was drawn (not available for all pictures);
  6. the site has a lot of people interested in drawing (there is a separate section where you can view the list of users). You can find friends and like-minded people in the direction you are interested in in painting.

Highly rated pictures


👉 Drawing

Website: //

The main window of the site

Pretty good drawing service. There are two types of graphics editor: simple (for beginners), and the second for professionals. To start working with the service, registration is required.

Note that the service allows you to create quite complex drawings. The site has a large number of different art lovers registered, there are many paintings by novice artists, various rating and rating systems. In general, there is where to roam ...

The site sometimes hosts promotions and contests. It makes sense to participate!


👉 Roundraw

Website: //

Examples of pictures

This online drawing is different from the rest - it vector (before that raster images were introduced (the difference between vector and raster images is presented here)).

Here you can create various shapes for free (moreover, the drawn picture is saved even when the page is reloaded). The finished drawing can be downloaded to your hard drive with one click of the mouse! 👌

Note that the editor supports shadows (you can add to any of the shapes), anti-aliasing (there is an automatic anti-aliasing function for all lines), a smart fill tool (filling a selected shape.

I will add that the shape can be filled not only with a certain color, but also with some image).



Website: //

Loneti - an example of an online editor

LONETI is not only a "drawing", but also a social network for artists and creative people.

The main functions of the service:

  1. a convenient and high-quality tool for online drawing (see a small example above);
  2. the presence of a chat and conferences for closer communication with the circle of people you are interested in (creating together is always more interesting, and easier to learn);
  3. there is a multi-user drawing mode (i.e. you can create in several hands at once);
  4. you can draw unique smiles, avatars, etc.;
  5. the site has a section of popular drawings: hundreds of people post their work there. For each picture you can see the ratings and criticisms of other people (interesting and funny!).


👉 FlockDraw

Website: // (site under reconstruction)

For the service to work, enable Flash Player

Screenshot from FlockDraw website

This service allows you not only to draw something interesting (and this is implemented here at an average level), but also to share it with like-minded people!

The site contains a huge gallery of drawings by novice artists: under each unusual and interesting picture there is a heated discussion, rating, etc. (just a real live chat!)

And this service also has one interesting feature: you can invite other people to your room and create a drawing right in front of them (a kind of online board). This can be very interesting for beginners: after all, you can see with your own eyes how more experienced artists create paintings ...

Note: for full access to all service tools, you need to register.


For recommending interesting services for drawing - a big merci in advance!

That's all for now ...

Good luck!


First published: 22.04.2018

Correction of the note: 05/24/2020