How to download music from VKontakte - 100% working ways

Good day!

Folk wisdom: "The song helps us to build and live" ...

Indeed, good music, but at the right time, can give motivation and strength, help relieve fatigue, relax, cheer up. Probably that is why the interest in it never dries up! 👌

In our country, a huge collection of music is presented in the social. networks VKontakte (not surprising, because the largest network!). Of course, where to download collections of music files, if not from there?

VK has many communities for specific genres, which help you quickly find the right melodies. In addition, music in VK is compressed by its own codec, which means that the risk of picking up malicious code (as can be done on many other sites) is minimal (I would even say, absent).

In this article, I want to consider several working ways to download music from VK (otherwise, relatively recently, some of the methods "died out" and it became somewhat more difficult to download ...).

Note: This article is not intended in any way to distribute illegal content. Yes, there are quite a few tracks on VKontakte that violate copyright (but they are cleaned and deleted), but there are also many tracks that are quite legal.

There are always two sides of the coin, and in my opinion, it is not reasonable to smear everything with a single paint ...


👉 To help!

If you want to download a video from VK, I recommend this method.


Ways to download music from VK

SaveForm application / plugin for browsers

In my opinion, this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to solve the problem of downloading media files (video, audio) in any social media. networks.

The application works insanely simple - in the browser you will see an arrow in front of the track, and if you want to download a track, you just need to click on this arrow to download the track!

Where to download the SaveForm application

On the official website: //

The application is embedded in all popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Yandex browser, Chromium, Safari, etc. (you choose what to integrate into during installation).

After installation applications, restart the browser, and open that page in VK from where you wanted to download music. Now a small arrow has appeared opposite the composition.

Hovering on it with the mouse, you will see the size of the track in MB, and its bitrate. To download an audio recording - just click on the arrow ☝. In general, now you can download music quickly and easily, in 1-2 mouse clicks (see the screenshot below)!

The photo below shows compositions from the film "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes his Profession" in one of the groups on VKontakte.

Press the button in the form of an "arrow"

By the way, you can also download in general EVERYTHING audio files on the page. To do this, open the SaveForm application / plugin (a link to it, usually, in the upper panel of the browser) and select the required action.

The screenshot below shows how to download ALL audio files and music tracks that are on the open page.

SaveForm will find them automatically! Saves you from clattering on each track (imagine if there are 100 of them ?!).

All audio files on the page


MusicSig browser extension

The most convenient extension for browsers Chrome, Firefox, Opera. The extension allows you to download music: both individual tracks and entire albums. In addition to music, you can download video, while choosing its quality.

By the way, the extension is quite popular - more than 600 thousand users use it.

Note. There are no ads or malicious code in the extension. Checked repeatedly.

👉 To install MusicSig you need:

  • go to the official. website: //;
  • press the install button and agree with the installed extension. Everything!

The photo below shows what the extension icon looks like in the Chrome browser after installing it.

Installing an extension

Actually, now you just have to go to some page in VK, which has the music you are interested in. Next, the floppy disk icon will light up opposite the track (as in the screenshot below) - click on it and the file will start downloading.

It's that simple!

Loading a track


VKMusic program

A very cool program for downloading and searching music! Allows you to find and download music from VKontakte in a couple of mouse clicks, both as individual tracks and as whole albums.

What else is captivating: the program can download not only your music specifically (which is in your audio recordings), but also simply find popular songs. You will always be in the trend of the latest novelties!

The program allows you to: watch and download my audio recordings, audio recordings of friends, get recommendations on music, view popular tracks, download photos with me or whole photo albums, upload videos. See the photo below 👇.

My audios

Among other things, the program also allows you to download videos. In general, a universal tool for working with multimedia files.


Of. website: //

The installation is standard, like any other application. By the way, when installing, look carefully at all the checkboxes.

When the program is installed, you will need to enter your login information: phone (e-mail), and password.

On the screenshot below, there is a window with the entry of data for access.

check in

After you have found the desired track, a green one will be lit in front of it. arrow, click on it and you will add the file to the download queue (👇). After a while, the file will be downloaded.

In general, it is very convenient.

The photo shows how downloading in VKMusic looks like.

* Audios Plugin

Plugin for Chrome browser.

Officer. site: //

Allows you to download audio files in 1-2 mouse clicks. After installing the extension (by the way, quite popular) you will have a download button next to each file, in addition to the listen button. Clicking on which will start downloading the file. Everything is simple and fast! 👇

Example of button and loading MP3 track

Loading is done!


Universal way: via browser cache

This method is the most universal! You don't need to install anything at all, however, you will have to work a little with the pens ...

I'll show you on the example of Chrome, as the most popular browser (by the way, in browsers built on its engine - everything is done the same way. Try it!).

STEP 1: open the music page.

Nothing complicated here, I am not commenting ...

STEP 2: press the buttons Ctrl + Shift + I

You can also right-click anywhere on the page, and select from the pop-up menu view code ... At the bottom of the window, the tools for the webmaster should open (with all sorts of codes, until we get scared of them).

Chrome - view code

STEP 3: set the MP3 filter in the Network tab

Next, you need to open the tab "Network" and set in the filter string "mp3" (without quotes). The screenshot below shows in detail how this is done.

MP3 filter

STEP 4: start playing the song

Next, we start the playback of the desired song (see arrow-1 on the screenshot below 👇), and we ourselves look at the very bottom line. Our filter will find the appearance and loading (caching) of the file being played.

When it's loaded, just right-click on that long line and press the button "Open Link in the new tab" .

Opening the track

STEP 5: save the file

The final touch is to save the file. To do this, press the combination of buttons Ctrl + S , or the download button (with an arrow, see the screen below).

In general, the task is completed! 👌



This concludes the article.

I believe that the presented methods are more than enough. 👌

All methods are 100% working on the date of publication of the article, checked repeatedly!

Good luck!


First publication: 02/18/2017

Correction: 01/05/2020