How to split a video into parts [4 ways]

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Dividing a video file into several parts is, in general, one of the most common tasks when working with video.

For example, this may be necessary when you want to select only the most interesting moments from a long evening or some holiday you have filmed and save them as a keepsake. Or perhaps you just liked a certain episode in the film, and you collect a collection of certain fragments.

Be that as it may, there are hundreds of different editors, converters, etc. to solve such problems now. Of these, there are not so many really simple, convenient, fast and reliable ones. Below I will present 4 of those that I have recently been using myself ...


4 ways to split a video

Option 1: using "Video-Editing"

Official website: //

It is a simple and very handy video processing program. It differs from many others in a thoughtful and very simple interface designed for an unprepared user.

As for our task, in this regard, "Video-Editing" surpasses many competitors: it allows you to cut (at once in one operation) a dozen moments from the film (for example), and you can save them without re-encoding (which significantly speeds up the task!).

In addition, "Video Editing" even copes with all sorts of WMV and MKV files (note: other software often has problems with these formats ...).

Below I will consider an example of work in this software.

1) And so, after starting the program - a welcome window is waiting for us, with a proposal to create a new project. Instead, you need to immediately select "Cutting video" and specify the video file on your hard drive that you want to split ...

Cutting video (Video-Editing 9.25)

2) Next, using the sliders under the video highlight the moment you need... (Arrow-2 on the screenshot below 👇). Note that you can set the sliders up to a tenth of a second by manually setting the value.

If you need one more fragment (for example, you want to cut 2-3 moments from the movie) - just press the button "New Fragment" and select one more time section with the sliders.


3) After you specify all the fragments that you need, the program will offer you to save the video in its original format, or recode it.

I would recommend choosing the first option (this is faster, and the video quality will not deteriorate - it will remain the same).

Save in original format


Option 2: Using the Movavi Video Suite

Official website: //

This program is not just a converter - it is a full-fledged "combine" for working with photo and video materials. Moreover, it is completely in Russian, with prompts, and works in almost all modern versions of Windows.

Of course, a task as simple as ours can be solved quickly enough in Movavi Video Suite. 👌


1) Installation of the program is standard. After starting, you need to create a new project. 👇

New project - Movavi Video Suite

2) Next, open the desired video and transfer it to the track (it is at the bottom of the window, see arrow-1 👇).

Then find Start the moment that you need - and click on the button "Cut" (arrow-2 👇).

Cut - Movavi Video Suite

3) After, find end desired moment and press again "Cut" ... As a result, we will have 3 parts of the video on the track: we need one of them, and the other two do not!

Now just highlight unnecessary part and press the key Delete - the selected piece will be deleted!

Select the unnecessary piece with the mouse and press Delete

4) As a result, you will only have one needed part. 👇 It is her that we save!

Note: for watching videos on computers - I recommend saving in MP4 / AVI format.

Save the piece left behind - Movavi Video Suite


Option 3: Using Freemake Video Converter

Official website: //

A very famous video converter that allows you to quickly overtake a file from one format to another in 2-3 mouse clicks.By the way, it supports over a hundred different video formats.

If it talks about dividing (cutting) the video into sections, then the software allows you to cut out at a timeone piece... That is, if you need to extract 3 fragments from a video (say), you will need to use this converter 3 times.

When installing - carefully look at the checkboxes (the software sometimes comes with advertising ...).


1) If you go directly to solving our problem, then after starting the program, open the desired video (arrow-1 in the screenshot below 👇) and click on the tool "Scissors" (they will appear next to the added file).

Adding Video (Freemake Video Converter)

2) Next, cut off all unnecessary sections from the video (this is done using brackets and the "Scissors" tool). In the example below, the screenshot shows how to delete one of the sections.

Thus, by deleting two sections at the beginning of the video and at the end, you will have exactly the fragment that you need.

Removing unwanted areas in the video

3) Then select the format in which you want to save the left fragment (usually AVI or WMV), specify the codec for compression and the folder for saving. Everything!

Next, the program will cut the desired section from the video and compress it into a new format.


Note: in the last step, the program obsessively asks to buy the full version (you can just close this offer and that's it).


Option 4: using the "Format Factory"

Official website: //

This converter supports almost all video and audio file formats. It allows you to quite easily convert one format to another, cut out the necessary fragments from the video, crop the edges, etc.

It should also be noted that the program is free, supports the Russian language, has a simple and intuitive interface.

Now a few words about how to work with it ...

1) After starting the program, you need to select the format in which you will compress your videos added later. Usually, these are AVI, MP4 and WMV (if you are going to watch video on a PC or phone). In my example, I chose AVI ...

Video - AVI

2) In a new window, add the required file, and go to the "Clip" menu (see the screenshot below 👇).

Add file - clip

3) Next, specify the start and end times of the fragment you need. It is quite convenient to do this, since you can watch the video in parallel and find the desired area up to a second.

Start time - end time

4) Then press the button "Start" in the top menu of the converter (before running the program, it is recommended to close other resource-intensive applications: games, editors, torrents, etc.).



That's it for now ...

Happy work!


First published: 07/03/2019

Correction: 11/13/2020

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