How to crop a photo, picture

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Quite often, when working on a PC, you have to deal with pictures: they need to be cropped (for example, to delete something unnecessary), converted to different formats, change the brightness, etc.

In this article, in fact, I want to show several simple ways how you can quickly and without worries crop a photo or picture along the contour (by the way, instead of cropping, the word "Crop" is now used).

For example, you need 👉 a new avatar in VK or Odnoklassniki, you want to add your photo to some profile, someone extra is captured in the photo, you do not like uneven or darkened edges - in all these cases, this small material will come in handy articles...


Crop photo / picture

Option number 1: Paint

Paint is a simple graphics editor, which is available in almost every version of Windows (unless you downloaded some kind of "assembly" of Windows, where this is cut out).

To start Paint: open "START -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Paint" ... Often Windows 8 and 10 users cannot find this program in START, so I will give a couple of more relevant methods:

  1. press Win + R, then in the window that appears, enter the command mspaint and press Enter;

    How to open Paint if it is not in the START menu

  2. just find the picture you want, then right-click on it, and select "Open with -> Paint" ;

    Open picture in Paint

  3. well, if you are already viewing pictures in the standard Windows viewer, there is a menu on top "Open" , use it.

    Windows Picture Viewer

Next, in Paint, open the picture ("File / Open") and use the tool "Select" - the selection area can be any: you can choose rectangular, or you can generally have any shape ...

Note: you need to select the area of ​​the picture that you want to keep (everything else will be deleted).

Select || Paint

After selecting the desired area, click in the toolbar (top) button "Trim" ... Anything superfluous will be removed from the picture.

Cropping || Paint

By the way, if we are talking about an avatar, then usually they are of a certain size, say, 150 by 200 pixels. To set a certain size of the picture, Paint has a special. tool "Resize" ... By clicking it, you can specify the specific size of the picture in pixels that you need.

Resize photo || Paint

And the final touch - save the picture: "File / save as ..." .

  • BMP - usually used for photos, which later have to be edited (the picture is saved without compression, and will take up a lot of space on the HDD).
  • GIF, PNG - more suitable for small pictures, for uploading to the Internet.
  • JPEG is a versatile option. It allows you to compress the picture so that it takes up little space, while providing good quality.

File - save as // Paint


Option number 2: online services

  1. //
  2. //
  3. //
  4. //

Now there are dozens of different services on the Internet for working with photos, including cropping. I stopped at one of them ( // since it contains the most typical "cropping" option, which consists of 3 steps:

  1. first you need to press the button "Download" and select a photo from your hard drive;
  2. then select the section of the photo that you need to leave;
  3. then just download the already cropped photo to yourself. Very fast and convenient!

An example of the service

👉 Supplement!

I have an article on my blog that lists the best online picture editors (there are practically analogs of photoshop among the services).

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with those who want to carry out something more difficult over a photo than simple cutting - //


Option number 3: ACDSee

Official website of the program: //

I have already recommended ACDSee on my blog several times - this is an excellent viewer for viewing any pictures and video files (hundreds of various formats are supported).Moreover, pictures can not only be viewed, but also edited:

  • crop the edges, cut out circles or rectangles from the desired photos, cut the picture at an angle, etc.;
  • put arrows, lines, circles and other signs on pictures;
  • turn to any angle;
  • add various special effects, watermarks, reflection, etc .;
  • there is a function to remove red eyes;
  • various functions for photo correction, etc. (see screen below).

Editor at ACDSee


That's all for now ...

Good luck!


First publication: 15.02.2018

Correction: 01/30/2020

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