Programs for cleaning Windows 10 from garbage: 5 best programs in Russian

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Why does Windows always run at different speeds? The question is probably rhetorical ...

When you just install the system - it seems to "fly": it loads quickly, folders open immediately without delay, nothing freezes - everything works as it should!

But a week or two, a month passes, and Windows seems to have changed: there are lags, freezes, even tabs in the browser slow down. What to do with all this? 👀

This happens due to the fact that "garbage" begins to accumulate in the system: incorrect and erroneous entries in the registry, leftover temporary files, cache in the browser, empty folders, shortcuts leading to "nowhere", etc. All this creates a load on the OS, and because of this, performance decreases.

In this article, I want to give a few sensible programs for cleaning the Augean stables of Windows from garbage, so that the PC / laptop works faster (all programs are compatible with Windows 10 and support 100% Russian!).


Advanced SystemCare 👍

Website: //

How many people - so many opinions ...

But I believe that Advanced SystemCare is one of the best programs for optimizing and cleaning Windows from all sorts of garbage (which I listed above in the article).

Moreover, what is especially pleasing, the program is not replete with some complex tinctures, the developers have made it so that any user can easily and easily understand it, and quickly clean their PC.

So, at the first start, the program will automatically prompt you to check the status of your PC (see the example in the screenshot below). You just need to press one button - START! 👇

SystemCare - main window

Note: looking ahead, I will say that then SystemCare will monitor the state of your Windows, warn about potentially dangerous software, about changing the start page in the browser and startup, etc.

And besides that, remind you of the need for timely cleaning and optimization of Windows. In short, it will take full control of the state of your system. 👌


By the way, about 65 thousand problems were found on my laptop. Moreover, junk files are as much as 10 GB, which is quite significant ...

By the way, the program scans the system quite thoroughly, checks:

  1. loading elements;
  2. junk files;
  3. errors of shortcuts, registry, disk;
  4. malware;
  5. internet problems;
  6. performance problems etc.

To fix all these problems, it is enough, again, to press just one button - "Fix" (see the screen below 👇).

Issues found after scanning in System Care (10.6 GB of Trash!)

Well, in addition to this review, I also want to add about the tab "Acceleration" .

If, after cleaning up your system, you are still unhappy with its responsiveness, SystemCare has a special acceleration tab that will make your system even more efficient.

Your computer does not work with max. performance // Acceleration tab System Care

In general, I recommend using it on an ongoing basis. Perhaps the only drawback is that the program is paid and to unlock all the options, it will require the purchase of a license. But the free version will also clean up your OS very, very well.


Wise care

Website: //

This program is the best in terms of cleaning your hard drive (and, I emphasize, in terms of cleaning!). It will remove as much garbage as no other similar utility!

The interface of the utility is madly simple - at the top of the window there are several tabs: quick cleaning, deep cleaning, system cleaning, defragmentation.

The user only needs to press one button - "Scan" (the program already contains all the necessary presets for optimal cleaning of the OS).

Wise Care - checking the disk

Compared to CCleaner and SystemCare (which found about 10-15 GB of junk) - Wise Disk Cleaner found almost 40 GB of junk files! There is something to compare!

Registry Cleaner - Wise Care

The utility also has the ability to delete Windows update and help files, installer cache, garbage lines in the registry, etc. For this, the program has a special. tab "Cleaning / Optimization" (screenshot below 👇).

Well, one more thing - Wise Care can defragment the hard drive, which will have an even better effect on system performance. By the way, it is recommended to do defragmentation after a complete system cleaning.

Registry Optimization (Compression + Defragmentation) - Wise Care

If you need a good disk cleaner, then there is no better program to find. In functionality, of course, the program loses to such analogs as SystemCare or CCleaner.



Website: //

It was once one of the most popular junk cleaning utilities for Windows. The utility quite "corrosively" checks your Windows for: temporary Internet files, files in the recycle bin, old and unnecessary files from Firefox, Opera, Media Player, eMule, Kazaa and other applications.

Moreover, all this garbage will be found quickly and removed just as quickly. By the way, I want to note that the utility only removes really garbage, you don't have to worry about the files you need - when using it for more than 10 years, I have never encountered it messing up Windows (or any program). 👌

To start the analysis of the system - just open the section "Cleaning" and then press the button "Analysis" ... Within a few minutes the program will estimate how much garbage it can remove, and you just have to confirm it ...

CCleaner - system analysis

CCleaner, by the way, does quite a lot of work with the registry: erroneous entries, various "tails" from remote programs, various temporary events, etc. will be deleted. The screenshot below shows the tab "Registry" , which shows what the program will work with.

Finding problems in the CCleaner registry

Additionally, CCleaner has some pretty useful features:

  1. uninstall programs: firstly, with the help of this tab you can remove even those programs that are not uninstalled in the usual way; secondly, this uninstaller removes applications cleaner than the one built into Windows;
  2. autoload: will help you to be aware of what is being loaded instead of from your Windows (some of the software can be disabled for faster OS loading);
  3. duplicate search: search and delete duplicate identical files on the disk (collections of music, pictures, photos, etc.);
  4. system recovery (no comments);
  5. disk analysis: helps you find folders and files that take up a lot of space on the HDD.

Additional features in CCleaner

In general, the program is rightfully considered one of the best for cleaning the system from unnecessary "trash". I recommend to use!


Reg Organizer

Website: //

Unlike other programs presented in this review, Reg Organizer is a more multifunctional package of utilities in one bottle! Contains everything you need to optimize the OS, its fine tuning and cleaning.

After starting the program, Reg Organizer will carry out an express check of your system to identify problems: with the registry, with unnecessary files on the disk, with Windows autorun, will analyze your Internet connection (can it be accelerated), etc.

In general, despite the initial positioning of the program for an experienced user, now, even a completely beginner can use the modern version of the package.

Reg Organizer: main program window // express system check

The main functions of the Reg Organizer package:

  1. the function of cleaning the disk from garbage (including old versions of Windows, updates, help, etc.);
  2. cleaning and optimization of the registry;
  3. defragmentation and compression of the registry;
  4. registry editor;
  5. a function for uninstalling programs (which will check if there are any "traces" left of the program being removed in the system - and will remove them if they are found);
  6. autorun optimization function: checks if there is anything unnecessary in autorun, which makes your PC turn on much longer;
  7. fine-tuning the system (such utilities are also called tweakers ). Before using them, I recommend making a copy of Windows (so that if something happens, it can be restored).

By the way, I want to highlight separately in this review disk cleaning function (note: because the key message of this article): the program will check old driver files, temporary folders in Windows, program crash and error reports, explorer thumbnails, error reports, etc.

In general, the amount of junk removed is comparable to the Wise Disk Cleaner (which I dubbed the best cleaning quality!).

RegOrganizer - Disk Cleanup

The conclusion is unambiguous: I recommend it for use. The program has been repeatedly tested on Windows 7, 8, 10 (in all operating systems - its work does not cause any complaints, if you do not take into account tweakers ...).



Website: //

Despite the "simple" appearance and design of this utility, JetClean is a powerful enough program to remove various "garbage" from Windows: erroneous entries in the system registry, "tails" from programs, history in browsers, etc.

Also, I would like to note that many other similar utilities of its kind are paid programs (or at least ask for payment for all functionality), JetClean is free!

JetClean - 1-click garbage collection

Key features of JetClean:

  1. cleaning Windows from garbage;
  2. cleaning the registry;
  3. cleaning applications and shortcuts;
  4. cleaning RAM;
  5. reducing the number of system crashes, errors, freezes, etc.;
  6. optimization of OS startup;
  7. internet accelerator;
  8. as a consequence of the previous steps - increasing the performance of the PC as a whole.

Tools in JetClean

By the way, JetClean has tools for "fine-tuning" the utility itself, for example, to perform auto-cleaning (and forget about manual checking and separate instructions).

Thus, once you configure the utility, you can completely forget about cleaning Windows and always work in a "fresh" fast OS!

Settings in JetClran

In general, JetClean deserves a fairly high rating and recommendation for use. By the way, the program supports the Russian language in full, is 100% compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.


The report is over, thank you for your attention.

What, by the way, do you clean the "Augean stables" of Windows?

Have a nice day!


First publication: 02/04/2017

Correction: 11/15/2020